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This sewing system, fixed at ground level, is used to close the paper bags, polypropylene or polyethylene (thickness of +/- 120 μ). The shaped bag is introduced into the coach which guides the bag to the sewing head. The start and stopping of the seam are activated by a photocell which detects the bag. At the end of the seam, the rotary knife cuts the chain of thread. To perfect the sewing operation, it is necessary to use a conveyor belt whose start and stop can be controlled by pedal.

Characteristics :

  • Manually height adjustable column
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • FISCHBEIN Couture “low vibration” model 100 equipped with a rotary knife
  • Rotary knife
  • Activation by photocell
  • Coach 4380-40M.

Grupo necesario

  • 0kg