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An Alveolar has two basic functions: Download and dosage. Both functions have an additional task, establishing a sealing point between two sections of the system. However, absolute tightness is not possible at the given pressure differential. Only the flow of escaping air can be minimized. Discharge The basic function of the pure discharge is executed by the alveoli rotor which rotates at constant speed in the housing. Due to gravity, the product leaves the vessel or hopper from the top and falls into the rotor cavities. The alveoli rotor rotates and transports the product to the discharge opening, from where it lowers by gravity. The alveoli rotor affects the flow of solids in bulk. The flow depends on the volume of the cavity, the level of filling and the revolutions. Alveolar dosing for dosing is characterized by its variable speed, for example, using a variable speed gearmotor. The dosage is purely volumetric in this case: a specific volumetric flow per unit of time is set as the desired value in dm³ / s or m³ / h. However it is not measured, so that there may be an indefinite deviation between the desired and actual values. The mass flow is not measured and regulated and, therefore, the term “dosing” is actually incorrect in the strict sense; However, a constant and reproducible volumetric flow can be fixed.

Prerequisite is that:

  • That the density of the bulk solids is always constant
  • The rotor should always be fed at the same filling level. This can be achieved, for example, by using an agitator or an auxiliary pneumatic discharge system in the pre-vessel above the honeycomb.
  • Let the cavities completely empty.


Discharge and discharge alveolar for the discharge of silos and / or for transport of impulsion or aspiration; Even for explosion-prone products.


  • Robust and wear-resistant
  • Poor maintenance due to its well-designed construction
  • Saves space
  • Gas-tight exterior
  • Protection against the propagation of dust explosions and effective suppression of the flames
  • Safety for the user, with ATEX certificate
  • Product sheet

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