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Pneumatic transport is usually the key element of a complete process that includes storage, transportation, dosing and weighing, since this is the link between the different storage forms of raw materials to the different points of use of these materials.

The performance of a pneumatic transport depends to a large extent on the equipment that compose it. TOUSI SL has the know-how and solid references that allow the realization of transport up to 400 m away achieving flow rates of 30 tons per hour.

In aspiration or in pressure, in dense phase or diluted phase, our pneumatic transports are designed to respond to the needs of each process and the particularities of each product. Only a situation specifically exposed will allow the decision to be made about the technique to be applied (aspiration or pressure), although in cases of long distances and important flows it will be necessary to work under pressure.

  • In aspiration or pressure
  • In the diluted phase or dense phase
  • Capacity: from 1kg to 50 tons per hour
  • Possible distance: 500 meters


The company TOUSI SL develops the pneumatic transport using the technical processes of aspiration and pressure (dense or diluted phase). All the experience of TOUSI SL is at your service not only to guide you but also to implement technical processes adapted to your flows and products.

The company TOUSI SL designs and installs pneumatic transports using technical processes such as suction or pressure (in dense or diluted phase). All the experience and know-how of TOUSI SL are at your service not only to advise and guide your company but also to implement the technical processes best adapted to your flows and products.

Pneumatic transport is also the best technical system to direct your products to one or more distribution points. It will offer your company excellent solutions using your products and flows in the best way.

Pneumatic transport is the best technical system to direct your products from one or more distribution points to a point or several of consumption.

The method usually associated with continuous processes is the diluted phase. The transport in the diluted phase is characterized by a series of advantages such as high speed, low pressures, as well as a very low air / material ratio. In contrast, dense phase transport operates at a lower speed and higher pressure. It will be used especially for the transport of fragile or abrasive materials.

TOUSI SL proposes transfer capacities from a few kg / h up to several tons per hour to be transported at distances that can reach 500 meters.

The transports proposed by our company can be used in the industry and different fields of production, such as: agri-food, plastics industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, minerals industry, chemistry, etc.

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