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For filling bags of polyethylene or polypropylene film with two bag independent departments.

Allow fill 2 independed bags one for example with sand and other with additives and cement. Exact dosing of all components give to the end client open both sacks and mix product without making any efforts. Also this system could work with not totally dry products and avoid expensive Trommel Drums for dry sand.

Main elements:

  • Frame profile and cold rolled steel sheet.
  • Shaper of sacks made of stainless steel.
  • Vertical and horizontal sealing of bags.
  • Transmission zone and drag film.
  • Automatic detector end of film. Automatic forming, filling and sealing of bags pillow type.
  • Control of process with Software Arco Diamond packaging installed on PC touch panel of 10,4’’.
    • Visualization of alarms and reminder of maintenance.
    • Inventory Control.
    • Control and regulation sealing temperature.
    • Multi-language platform.
    • Information Manager.

Production depends of size of bags, type of product, and mode of work


  • Sand, silica, mortar, gravel, micro-concrete.
  • Chemicals, pellets, fertilizers.
  • Substrate, washing powder, rice.
  • Seeds, pet food, granular fertilizer.

Grupo necesario

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