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Portable sewing machine model f50 for sewing with the removal of crêpon paper from any type of bag
Possible rates according to operator: 150 bags/h
Accessories recommended: a balancer system to support the weight of the sewing machine (5.5 kg)


Improved hook cam, longer life.
Better ring strength: longer life and better lubrication.
Reinforced roller support and improved cam follower: no problem of bag stuffing.
Reinforcement of the entire needle bar and clamp.
Faster double insulation motor with cooling fins.
Simple thread chain stitch type 101
Stitch length: 7 mm non-adjustable.
Standard 50mm crepe paper (70mm on request)
50 mm border standard (70 mm on request) depending on the width of the creped rider
220/240 volts as standard (other voltages on request)

Needle wire required for this type of machine: 200gr boils

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