Tousi Equipamiento General

seccion-alimentacionTOUSI is a solid and modern company, leader in the manufacture and distribution of technology for the Food Sector. Our products are the reflection of years of hard work and concern to innovate and offer every day something better.

We know from experience that the technology applied to this sector is an essential factor, so much of our time and effort is devoted to the search for new conceptions that allow our clients to maximize their investment.

Thanks to this special orientation, our products are successfully exported, which makes us a supranational entity. The generation of European-wide patents allows us to work in countries around the world.


  • ensacadora-boca-abierta
    Opening mouth bagging machine 25-20
    Continuous bagging machine EC-50
  • Pneumatic bagging machine
  • Palleizing
  • Components for screw conveyors
    Components for screw conveyors
  • Rotary bin discharger
    Rotary bin discharger
  • Lowding bellows
    Lowding belllows
  • Loss in weight screw feeder
    Loss in weight screw feeder
  • Eko rectangular dust filter
    Eko rectangular dust filter
  • FGM round bag filter
  • FGS round dust filter
    FGS round dust filter
  • FGS round dust filter
    Maxair vent filter
  • Bin activator
    Bin activator
  • Agrofood Bin Activator
    Agrofood Bin activator
  • Level indicators
    Level indicators
  • Lump crashers
  • Agrofood screw feeder
    Agrofood screw feeder
  • CNU "U" trough conveyors
    Cnu "U" trough conveyors
  • CTS Tubular screw conveyors
  • CVS vertical screw conveyors
    CVS vertical screw conveyors
  • Industrial software
    Industrial software
  • Pneumatic transport
    Pneumatic transport
  • DV gravity diverter
    DV gravity diverter
  • VDS safety valve
    VDS safety valve
  • VGS slide valves
  • VFA butterfly valve
    VFA butterfly valve
  • VFS steel butterfly valve
    VFS steel butterfly valve
  • rotovalvula-caida-libre
    Drop rotary valve
  • MDAH Batch-Type Ploughshare Mixers
    MDAH Batch-Type Ploughshare Mixers