Starting from the need of our client to reduce the time of load of trucks and the risk that entailed his habitual method on the personnel, we designed a line of tapes that through a robot of high precision we obtained a connection between the tapes and the telescopic car that in turn, load the truck.

The results are very good, since the client has managed to reduce the number of personnel from 25 people to only two, thus avoiding accidents at work and the management of so many people.


In general equipment Tousi we design conveyor belts for any production line of any type of industry and product. We offer customized solutions totally adapted to your model of industry, product and production process .


The TOUSI engineering storage hoppers offer great durability and endurance results. TOUSI designs and manufactures the hoppers with a modular system that allows to expand the capacity in the future with ease, as well as favoring transport.

Sewing column

Our industrial sewing systems close different types of bags, including multilayer paper, PE, woven polypropylene and laminated fabric. From portable bag sealers to synchronous sewing systems for high production levels: whatever your requirement, Tousi has an engineering solution to meet your needs.