Tousi Equipamiento General
  • Agrofood Bin Activator
    Agrofood Bin activator
  • Agrofood screw feeder
    Agrofood screw feeder
  • Bag closure F model
  • Bin activator
    Bin activator
  • C100S Model
  • CNU "U" trough conveyors
    Cnu "U" trough conveyors
  • Coil of wire 200gr
  • Coil of wire 3kg & 5 kg
  • Components for screw conveyors
    Components for screw conveyors
  • Continous bagging machine double bags EDS50
    Continuous bagging machine EC-50
  • Continuous Mixer-MDC
  • Crepe paper
  • CTS Tubular screw conveyors
  • CVS vertical screw conveyors
    CVS vertical screw conveyors
  • D5 Model
  • mezcladora-discontinua-serie-basic-hlv-01
    Discontinous mixer HLV
  • Double shaft mixer MDE
  • rotovalvula-caida-libre
    Drop rotary valve
  • DV gravity diverter
    DV gravity diverter
  • Eko filtre rectangulaire
    Eko filtre rectangulaire
  • Eko rectangular dust filter
    Eko rectangular dust filter
  • FGM round bag filter
  • FGS round dust filter
    FGS round dust filter
  • armario-completo
    Full control cabinet
  • Helicoidel mixer MES
    Helicoidel mixer MES
  • Horizontal portable FH model
  • Industrial software
    Industrial software
  • Level indicators
    Level indicators
  • Loss in weight screw feeder
    Loss in weight screw feeder
  • Lowding bellows
    Lowding belllows
  • Lump crashers
  • FGS round dust filter
    Maxair vent filter
  • MDAH Batch-Type Ploughshare Mixers
    MDAH Batch-Type Ploughshare Mixers
  • ensacadora-boca-abierta
    Opening mouth bagging machine 25-20
  • Palleizing
  • Plantery mixer MST
    Plantery mixer MST
  • Pneumatic bagging machine
  • Pneumatic transport
    Pneumatic transport
  • Portable sewing Model F50
  • Rotary bin discharger
    Rotary bin discharger
  • Rotary valves
  • Systems JDV8/100
  • Systems MFR
  • Systems MP
  • Systems MTR
  • Systems MTS
  • Systems MUA
  • mezcladora-eje-vertical-mv
    Turbo mixer MV
  • VDS safety valve
    VDS safety valve
  • VFA butterfly valve
    VFA butterfly valve
  • VFS steel butterfly valve
    VFS steel butterfly valve
  • VGS slide valves